Dry Grinding Services

We have a dry grinder available to provide grinding services. Typical applications include coarse grinding and chopping of dry material, size reduction of wet material, de-lumping of agglomerated wet or dry material, pulverizing, solid & liquid blending, granulating compacted material, processing slurries and liquids, processing and conditioning wet and dry materials, puréeing and emulsifying.

Our grinder is fully and easily adjustable form coarse to find grind.

Achieving your particle size requirements begins with application testing your products in our grinding equipment. Capacity varies with materials being ground and particle size specification.


Finished good testing will be completed on your material, providing particle size certifications for all materials. We can further process your product with blending or packaging.

Great Lakes Toll provides complete warehouse services. This includes, but is not limited to, labeling, inspection, inventory management, storage, and distribution. We provide complete customer fulfillment services for your customers.