Packaging & Repackaging Services

Great Lakes Toll Services packaging services is capable of doing any type of repackaging you may require. We have many years of experience in providing packaging services for our customers and have done a diverse assortment of packaging jobs.

We can package anything from a 4 oz container of children’s slime to bulk sacks and everything in between. We do a great deal of packing powder into fiber drums and other large containers. We are able to heat seal small packages and can accommodate large or small production runs.

We have two S-4 Weight/Fill Systems. These packaging systems are used to fill containers with an operator specified amount or weight of material from a supply hopper. It has a self-adjusting controller with accuracy to 1 gram or .001 pound along with an electro magnetic vibrator.

These systems can handle any dry bulk from powders to large parts and can be used with any bag or rigid container.

We also have a bulk bag unloading machine. This is capable of repacking bulk bags up to 5000 lbs into whatever package container you may require.

We have packaged a wide varity of packages; heat sealed pouches, 5 ounce jars and glass jars.


repackage service

Model-B-350e Auger Filler